Discover the stunning beaches of Estepona, from the lively and bustling Playa de la Rada to the peaceful and secluded Playa del Saladillo. With crystal clear waters, wide sandy shores, and a range of amenities including beach bars and restaurants, these beaches are perfect for families and tourists alike.

The beaches in Estepona cover some 21 kilometres of coast line. We will list the most popular and easy access beaches as some have no sand and others are in front of communities and access is more difficult and parking could be a problem.

Whether you’re looking for a day of sunbathing, swimming, or water sports, Estepona’s beaches have something to offer. Plan your beach day now!

If we start with the main beach in the centre of town and work our way east and west our guide will give the best options for where you may be staying whilst visiting the Estepona area.

Playa de La Rada: This beach runs the full length of Estepona town and is some 2.630 metres long and 25 meters wide, lined with chiringuitos and sunbed hire it goes from the port to the Carrefour supermarket eastwards.

Playa Cristo: Located to the west of the marina this sandy beach in a sheltered cove has perfect conditions for swimming and shallow enough for children to paddle safely, with 2 chringuitos and sunbed hire.

Costa Natura: This is to the west, nudist beach and naturist resort, located next to the Hotel Elba, it has a clubhouse more details here.

Playa de Arroyo Vaquero: This beach is next to Costa Natura beach and the river Vaquero splits the two adjoining beaches.

Playa La Galera: This beach connects to the dog beach at Playa Piedra Paloma on the boarder with Casares. Has some section of sandy beach.

This covers the beaches to the west of Estepona town.

Playa Punta de la Plata: To the east of the town is another long beach over 2km long, not so wide and has grey sand with lots of pebbles.

Playa del Padron: Is another sandy beach and one of the better ones to chill on, the Kempinski Hotel and Laguna Village as well as Crusoes chringuito are located along this beach.

As you continue towards San Pedro there are several other beaches that are split by rivers and communities but can be used by the public.