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Estepona Carnival 2019 starts fiesta season.

Estepona kicked off its Fiesta Season 2019 on a beautiful warm afternoon, with the traditional “Burning of the Sardine” Carnival. The sardine left the Parque del Calvario and moved along Calle Terazza accompanied through the streets by an eclectic mix of characters and musicians, to its final resting place on La Rada beach. All of […]

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New Bridge Extends More Coastal Walks in Estepona

During the next two weeks work will continue of concreting and gardening in this new section that will connect with Costalita and El Saladillo. The City Council of Estepona informs us that a wooden bridge has been installed over the Taraje stream to create a new stretch of coastal corridor. The deputy mayor of the Development […]

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El Ayuntamiento licita el proyecto para la remodelación integral del Paseo Marítimo

El Ayuntamiento de Estepona ha iniciado el procedimiento para licitar el proyecto de remodelación integral del paseo marítimo de Estepona. El alcalde de Estepona, José María García Urbano, ha explicado que se va a licitar el concurso público para seleccionar el proyecto más idóneo para la reforma y modernización de este espacio emblemático del municipio, […]

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Estepona Promenade Refurbishment

The refurbishment will include almost 2.5 kilometres of promenade that runs from Punta La Plata to the Marina of Estepona, with an investment of about 3 million euros The City Council of Estepona has put the work out to tender for the complete remodelling of the Estepona seafront promenade. The mayor of Estepona, José María […]

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Estepona and Casares connect the Senda Litoral.

Next week the work begins to extend the coastal path from Casares to Estepona, by connecting the stretch of the Senda Litoral that runs by Casares Del Mar. The project will create a path between the Casares border with Estepona and the Arroyo de la Jordana, 470 meters long  and a functional 3 meters wide. […]

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Tapas Route X

The City Council of Estepona, through the Sociocultural Area and Services, the registration period is open to restaurants and bars to participate in the X Tapa Route, in conjunction with the event “Estepona lives its streets 2019”, the celebration will take place on the 29, 30 and 31 of March. You can register your bar […]

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Estepona Hospital main construction on time and budget.

The City Council of Estepona confirms the completion of the main building work for the Hospital of Estepona, which began in June 2017 within a planned 18 months construction time, which ended yesterday. The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urban, stressed that the construction and commissioning of this hospital is “a milestone for Estepona”, […]

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Estepona Extends Costal Walks

The Junta has authorised the building a new section of the coastal corridor between Dominion Beach and El Velerin. The works will include the construction of a bridge over 30 meters long on the Velerin creek and will have a budget of 437,750.42 euros The Council of Estepona obtained the authorization from the Junta de […]

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Just Estepona is Live!

Welcome to Just Estepona, we are now LIVE! This is an information guide for just Estepona as the name suggests, we have put this guide together for you, listing information about this great Spanish town located on the western end of the Costa del Sol. Estepona has developed so much over the past decade with […]

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