International Book Day

One of the main activities will take place on Sunday 23, at 12:00 noon, in the Plaza del Ajedrez, where the universal classic ‘Peter Pan’ will be represented and 500 books will be distributed free of charge to promote reading.

The Estepona Town Hall has organized a program of cultural activities to celebrate International Book Day, a commemoration celebrated worldwide every April 23, promoted by UNESCO since 1988, with the aim of promoting reading, the publishing industry and the protection of intellectual property through copyright.

To begin, the Municipal Library has opened the period to participate in the II Bookface Contest that will reward the most original photographs with books. The idea is that the participants merge with the cover of a book, integrating any part of the body or their clothing with the chosen copy.

Any person from Estepona may participate in this call, without age limit, with a maximum of two unpublished photographs, with the sole condition that the title of the work in the book is visible. The photographs will be sent by e-mail to: in jpg, jpeg or png format, with two attached files: the photo presented, and the photo where the model or models are recognized, together with the cover of the chosen book .

The submission period will remain open until April 21, 2023, and the winner of the contest will receive an endowment of books worth 100 euros, to be chosen from the available fund of the local bookstore designated by the City Council.

The program of events will continue on Saturday, April 15, with a Story Therapy Workshop at the Children’s Library, located in the Padre Manuel Cultural Center, for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 7, with a double session, at 11:00 a.m. and at 12:30 p.m.

It is an emotional education workshop, based on stories and drawing, taught by Ángeles Masegosa, which aims to promote the development of language and emotional awareness, through storytelling, questions and dialogue, activity of drawing, reflection and closure.

The short story selected for the session on the 15th is “Así es mi corazón”; an illustrated album by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey that honors the emotions of boys and girls, so that they learn to recognize and validate them in all their forms and colors: joy, sadness, calm, anger, fear…, and that will continue with another workshop on Saturday April 22, on the story “The black dog” by Levi Pinfold; an illustrated album that invites us to know and face one of our basic emotions, fear. On this occasion, the story allows a wider age range, between 5 and 10-11 years, divided into groups based on their evolutionary stage.

The events will continue on Thursday 20, at 6:00 p.m., in the Children’s Library, with a storyteller in French about the book ‘Coin-Coin’ by Frédéric Stehr, organized in collaboration with the French Alliance of Malaga.

History: Coin-Coin has just been born. Seeing a fox approaching the egg, his mother fled, leaving him in her shell. Brave, the duckling will go in search of it, addressing the frog, the owl and the other animals it finds in its path. He doesn’t know what his mother is like. Around the reading of the story, the speaker Mélanie will do a work on the most interesting vocabulary, and the children will also have fun doing crafts related to the story.

Each of the sessions will have a capacity limited to 12 children, and those interested can register at

Continuing with the celebration, on Friday 21, at 5:30 p.m., a meeting with the theoretical physicist from the University of Granada, David Fournier, will take place in the María Zambrano Room of the Municipal Library, about his first fiction novel realistic ‘Recuerdos-Irisrec’, published by the Talón de Achilles publishing house, and the process carried out for its realization.

David Fournier is a passionate communicator who declares himself in love with life; an insatiable seeker of the most intimate aspects of human behavior. Synopsis: Memories are not only recorded on the retina. In a society devoid of direction and principles, hopes are placed on an uncontrolled advance. A tycoon takes advantage of an investigation to develop a company that jeopardizes the evolution of our existence. Meanwhile, technology and science are intertwined in a difficult conjunction causing feelings, desires, hopes and memories to be confused.

As for Sunday 23, International Book Day, the program of activities will begin at 12:00 pm in the Plaza del Ajedrez, with the distribution of 500 books; 250 for children and 250 for young people and adults, and the representation of the children’s musical ‘Peter Pan, Journey to Never Land’, based on the play and children’s novel by Scottish writer James M. Barrie. All children grow up…All but one. This is the story of Peter Pan, a boy who never grew up and who every night flew from his world to London with his fairy Tinkerbell, where he listened to the stories that Wendy, Michael and John’s mother told them before they went to sleep.

Finally, on Thursday, April 27, at 7:00 p.m., a conference and subsequent colloquium ‘This is how the pyramids of Egypt were built’ will take place in the María Zambrano Room of the Municipal Library, organized by the TAW Cultural Association, in which the aeronautical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, José Manuel Casteleiro Villalba, will try to explain how the pyramids of Egypt could really be built.

José Manuel Casteleiro Villalba is the author of the book ‘Study on the construction of the Egyptian pyramids’, now in its sixth edition. After six years of research on the construction of the pyramids of Giza, and which was published by the Publications Section of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid. In this work it is demonstrated, through mathematics and engineering, that all the methods proposed by different researchers for 4,500 years are impossible. In addition, the only possible method of construction of such colossal monuments with the means of the time is proposed.


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