IV Composition Competition for Symphonic Band

The City Council announces the IV Composition Competition for Symphonic Band ‘Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol’, endowed with 10,000 euros

The competition, open to musicians of legal age of any nationality, aims to motivate great composers to create symphonic works inspired by the city.

The deadline for the admission of projects will remain open until September 2

The Estepona City Council has called the IV International Composition Competition for Symphonic Band ‘Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol’, which will award 10,000 gross euros to the composer of the best symphonic work dealing with the population of Estepona.

The objective of this contest is to award the best musical project, also taking into account other criteria such as the composer’s career, his musical catalog, his experience and his dedication to the Symphonic Band or Wind and Percussion Orchestra instrument.

All musicians/composers of legal age, of any nationality, may participate in the contest, except those who have been winners in the two previous editions of this contest. The musical projects submitted to the competition will be in the symphonic genre modality, and the works must be written and instrumented for a regular music band formation, and cannot exceed grade 3 of difficulty. The minimum duration will be 12 minutes and maximum 20 minutes.

As established in the rules, the contest will be divided into three phases: in the first, participants will be able to send their projects in PDF, with the requested documentation, by Entry Registration via electronic means through the Electronic Headquarters of the Estepona City Council: https://estepona.sedelectronica.es/dossier.5 until September 2.

In the second phase, from among all the projects presented, a jury made up of three personalities of proven prestige in the world of composition and/or musical direction will choose the composer with the best curriculum, catalog and content, in whose compositional project they are The values ​​of the contest are outstanding, promoting the city of Estepona, its people and its customs through its musical composition.

In the third phase, the author who is awarded must send through the same Electronic Office his composition correctly presented, finalized, written and laid out, both of the director’s score and the corresponding parts of each musician, in PDF format, before the 2:00 p.m. on January 10, 2025.

Once the work has been reviewed by the specialized commission, the organization, in agreement with the winning composer of the competition, will set a date for its premiere and the public presentation of the prize. The winner will not be able to participate in the next five editions of the contest.

All the information and bases can be consulted on the notice board of the electronic headquarters of the Estepona City Council: https://estepona.sedelectronica.es/board/

The City Council called the first edition of this competition to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Municipal Music Band (1940-2020). The winning works of the three competitions held are: ‘Estepona, Jardín del Mediterráneo (Astabuna)’, by the composer from Jaen Álvaro López Cámara; ‘Estepona, the Garden of the World’, by the Valencian composer Fernando Ferrer Martínez, known artistically as Ferrer Ferran; and the Continuous Suite for Symphonic Band ‘Impressions of Estepona’ by the Dutch conductor and composer Christiaan Janssen. All of them are already part of the archive of the department of the Municipal Band of Estepona.


24/06/2024 11:00 am


02/09/2024 1:00 pm

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Town Hall, Estepona, Spain