Olga María Ramos Musical Show

Singer Olga María Ramos will present next Saturday, April 15, at 8:00 p.m., in the Felipe VI Auditorium, the musical show ¡Ven al Cuplé!, where you can also see her extraordinary shawls from Manila.

The Madrid interpreter presents a show for all audiences, fun, picaresque, romantic and highly participatory. Accompanied on piano by Professor Pablo Jiménez, she will tour the Spanish Belle Époque, when the cuplé was the King of Modernist Music.

Raquel Meller, La Fornarina, La Goya, La Bella Chelito or Sara Montiel and Olga Ramos emerge in her warm and well-sounding voice, with the most popular cuplés and chotis (Come and see, Tápame, La chica del 17, La Pulga, Nena , The pulverizer, La Violetera, Doña Mariquita, Mala Entraña, La Chula Tanquita, Colón, 34, Her mischievous eyes, You’re not that, El Relicario, Las tardes del Ritz, Ay, Cipriano, La Loca, El Polichinela…).

The entrance to the show will be free, after collecting the invitations at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center, from next Monday, April 10.

Olga María Ramos shared the stage for many years with her mother and teacher, the legendary singer Olga Ramos and, in her own right, she has become the daughter of cuplé.

From Madrid and heiress to the art of her parents, Olga Ramos and Enrique Ramírez de Gamboa El Cipri, Olga María has walked and still walks the cuplé through the most prestigious venues: National Library of Spain, Royal Superior School of Dramatic Art, Cervantes Institute, Royal Conservatory Superior de Música de Granada, Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, Thalia Theater in New York, Guston Arts Center in Arlington (USA), SGAE, Jorge Luis Borges Center and Teatro Scala de San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Universities of Mexico, United States , France and Spain, etc…

Writer, composer, singer and actress, she has written various biographies for the Biographical Dictionary of the Royal Academy of History. Hers is the book “De Madrid al Cuplé” that the journalist Tico Medina described as the Cuplé Bible. A new book on the genre will be presented soon.


15/04/2023 8:00 pm


15/04/2023 9:45 pm

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