The Estepona World Ham Festival

The Estepona VIII World Ham Festival is an annual event held in August, the coastal town of Estepona celebrates this annual festival which begins on Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 15th August 2023, from 19.00 to 02.00.

It brings tens of thousands of ham lovers and food enthusiasts to Estepona from across Spain and increasingly attracts international visitors as well. The city embraces its ham heritage and passion for pork products during this lively annual celebration.

The promenade in Estepona is enjoys the cured Iberian ham (Jamón Ibérico) with a multi-day festival which usually takes place in the historic old town and features tastings, cooking demonstrations, ham carving contests, exhibits by ham producers, live music and more.

Included in the multi event is the ‘Jamon Music Festival’ with a packed programme of free performances at 11.30 pm each day.

8th – Joana Jiménez and Nayeli

9th – La Guardia

10th – Compás Flamenco

11th – Decai

12th – Jesús De Manuel

13th – José “El Francés” and Gloria Bendita

14th – Son del Puerto

15th – El Maki and María Artés


08/08/2023 7:00 pm


15/08/2023 11:59 pm

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This event has no entrance fee

Event Venue


Av, Espana, Estepona, Spain